Here you'll find the answers to just about everything! If you don't find the information you're looking for here, feel free to contact us with your questions. 
What on earth does Zavity mean? 
"Zavity" is a portmanteau of "zero gravity" - which to us is a way of hinting that our deals are out of this world! It's a fun play on words that helps us keep the focus on bringing great deals to you, our wonderful (earth-bound!) customers.
Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop? 
Nope! We're ecommerce-only. 
I'm interested in buying a lot of items for my store. Do you have B2B pricing? 
Indeed we do! Please contact us with a few notes on what you have in mind, including your location and the approximate number of pieces that you're interested in, and we'll respond with more information.
Are all of your items new? 
Yes, all items are new. Some may have very slight signs of having been displayed in a retail environment; however, they are carefully curated and individually verified for new condition. However, please note that all items are sold "as-is." Minor imperfections will not be accepted as grounds for a return.
Where do your items come from? 
We're so glad you asked! That's the "secret sauce" of Zavity... we locate brick-and-mortar boutique shops that are closing up or have excess inventories (and whose owners have not sold online previously), and work with them to offer their remaining items in our online shop at significant discounts. The physical shops are exclusively European, and most items are made in Europe. We do not handle inventories of mass-market or fast-fashion garments, in order to bring you items that are both unique and of impeccable quality. 
Do you do alternations? 
Yes! Most items that we sell have room in the seams to take in or let out a size or so. If you would like your item to be tailored to you, please add a note to your cart at checkout (or contact us!) and we'll send instructions, turnaround time, and pricing. 
Do you only sell women's clothing? 
Not at all! Our inventory depends on the shop that we are featuring at any given time. Although the majority of items are women's, we often have men's and children's items available as well. If you're looking for something specific, please drop us a line and ask!
I live in an unusual place... can you ship to me? 
Most likely, yes. Even if you live outside of one of our defined shipping zones, we may still be able to ship to you! Check out our shipping page for more information, and contact us with any questions.
I changed my mind. Can I return the item I ordered? 
No. Due to the nature of our inventories, all sales are final. Please see our shop policies page for more on this. If there has been an error in your order, however, please contact us and we'll make it right! 
Can I shop in my local currency?
Yes, we have enabled multi-currency browsing in our store! If it's not selected automatically based on your location, you can find a dropdown menu in the upper left corner of each page. Please note, however, that these figures are approximate. Your order will be processed in US Dollars, and the actual amount you are charged will be determined by your bank or card provider at the time of purchase.
How do I know my size?
Most items are listed in European sizing. (Where the manufacturer has also provided US sizing, that size is listed instead.) In addition, wherever feasible, we provide measurements of the bust, hip, and/or length of the garment. These measurements are taken with the garment laid flat. Please note that these measurements are of the garment itself, not of the person wearing it! If comparing to your own measurements, bear in mind that the garment should be slightly larger than your body measurements in order to account for undergarments and room for movement. 
Measurements are provided in centimeters. If you're more comfortable thinking in standard units, these can be converted to inches by dividing each measurement by 2.54. (A cm-to-inches calculator is here.)

We are unable to accept returns due to improper fit. Many garments have room in the seams for adjustments to be made. In fact, we offer alterations! See above for more on that... 
The below sizing chart is an approximate reference for Spanish to US sizes. Whenever possible, please rely on the measurements provided as sizes can vary significantly between countries and manufacturers.